Author Alan Schnurman shares his new book with Happening in the Hamptons host Andrew Doud.

What Our Readers Say

“In the 20+ years I’ve known Alan Schnurman as a client and friend, I have continually marveled at his real estate acumen. From ground up new construction, to purchasing houses that become rental properties or personal residences to developing large tracts of land in some of the most sought after locations in the Hamptons, Alan has constantly shown that he understands what it takes to succeed in a very competitive environment. I CAN, I WILL, I MUST is not just a book title but the mantra that guides Alan’s entire life.  A must read, co-written so aptly by Eric Feil, for those who want to understand how to navigate the byways of real estate in order to be successful.”

Gary DePersia, Associate Broker, The Corcoran Group

“Gripping from the first page… a roadmap to an enriching life… for all … and especially for those who want the joy of the challenge, rewards, community, and artistry of property ownership, the book is inspirational… Alan makes the tools to success accessible to even the most hard-pressed of us…”

Theresa Quigley, Executive Managing Director & General Counsel, Saunders & Associates

“What’s going on in the Hamptons? When to buy? Where to buy? Real estate guru Alan Schnurman and Dan’s Hamptons Media Executive Eric Feil tell all.”

Joan Hamburg, 77 WABC Joan Hamburg Show

“Alan’s obsession and passion for Hamptons real estate is obvious from page one. With or without the sand, you can, must, and will find this a fun and informative read.”

Jonathan J. Miller, President/CEO Miller Samuel Inc.

“How many lives has Alan J. Schnurman lived? It is exhilarating. Just how many adventures can one man have? It is bursting in optimism. And you have convinced your dear reader that, dagnabit, if you can do it (and keep doing it) then we can do it, too!”

John McMahon, Former CEO, Long Island Power Authority

“I’ve known Alan for more than 20 years. I can truly say he is the best partner you can have. He’s honest, smart and hardworking. Great insight. Great nose for real estate. Five stars.” 

Asher Bernstein, Chairman, Bernstein Real Estate

“Alan’s brilliance, tirelessness, exuberance, along with no small amounts of humor all make for great success in business and longevity in friendship.”

Gary Seff, Fountainhead Construction

“This is a book for every audience… especially young people who ponder the enormity of life and wonder how it is possible to move forward, how to even start… Everyone will enjoy this memoir because there is a little bit of Alan J. Schnurman in all of us.”

John McMahon, Former CEO, Long Island Power Authority

“Alan probably knows more about real estate in the Hamptons than anyone else.”

Andrew Saunders, President, Saunders & Associates

“I knew I was going to enjoy this book the moment I finished reading Alan Schnurman and Eric Feil’s heart-felt dedication and acknowledgements. From getting up before sunrise to take in the grandness of the every day landscape to learning the down-to-earth applicable details that make someone successful in real estate, or any endeavor for that matter, Alan Schnurman’s wisdom carries one major overriding theme throughout this book, Believe in Yourself! This book is not just about real estate, and it’s not one of those detached motivational books. Eloquently and genuinely written, Alan Schnurman and Eric Feil in “I Can, I Will, I Must” have put together a book that is for anyone at any age who is looking to take that next step in their lives with whatever dream they wish to pursue.”

Christie Leigh Babirad