‘I  Can, I Will, I Must’

By Lara Ewen


Alan Schnurman is a Bridgehampton resident, and an investor and broker who worked on some of the Hamptons’ toniest developments. In his new book “I Can, I Will, I Must” (Sagg Main Press, $14.99)with writer and Stony Brook resident Eric Feil, chief operating officer and editorial director of Dan’s Hamptons Media, Schnurman recounts how he turned a passion into a career. From his early days working night shifts as a New York City cabdriver to his career as a trial attorney and founding partner of the 1800LawLine.com firm Zalman Schnurman & Miner, to his retirement and subsequent career as a Hamptons broker with Saunders & Associates, Schnurman has seen it all and lived to tell the tale. He’s purchased, developed and sold Hamptons real estate for 30 years, and this book is part memoir and part business class. In it, he talks about why to invest in real estate, when to buy — according to Schnurman, the answer is always “now” — and how to finance your purchase. More than anything, though, the 218-page paperback book makes it all sound like spectacular fun, and is infused with Schnurman’s humor and wisdom so that even when you’re learning something important, it still feels a like you’re listening to the life of the party tell his best stories to the room.

Alan Schnurman and Eric Feil I Can I Will I Must


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